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From the Old Sarge – Taurine deficiency is a common finding with patients undergoing intensive chemotherapy or radiation.  According to Desai and Associates, American Journal of Clinical Nutritionthey studied 36 patients for amino acid status (specifically taurine) 28 days after the intensive chemotherapy or radiation.  The authors concluded that intensive chemotherapy or radiation resulted in reduced plasma levels of taurine, without any changes in the precursor amino acids (methionine and cysteine). Because taurine is important in bile conjugation (patients with decreased taurine levels are more likely to form gall stones (GB Complete contains taurine to help prevent this problem). Taurine supplementation should be considered for any patient who has been subjected to intensive chemotherapy or radiation.  Taurine is also a first-line carrier for magnesium which is often found decreased with chemotherapy and radiation.  The use of taurine and magnesium post intensive chemotherapy or radiation is a “no brainer”.  Both nutrients can be found in Magnesium Taurinate and this product should be considered both therapy.  Suggest 3 capsules at bedtime.

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